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Dr. Michalski has been an advocate of technology in Dentistry. His coaching clients have had unprecedented success.

Learn from the best with Dr. Michalski’s articles! Follow his tips and your practice will never be the same.

Check Out Dr. Michalski’s video training sessions on how to energize your office and make life-long patients.

Dr. Michalski’s approach has given multiple clients successful office strategies. Find out how he can revitalize your practice.

Is Your Practice Struggling?

Need to learn more about managing a motivated staff and keeping satisfied patients? Take a look at our Dental Coaching Programs

Ask Yourself…
Are You Reaching Your Goals?
  • Are your goals realistic?
  • Does your staff know what the goals are?
  • Do you even have goals?
  • Doing “as much as possible” isn’t a goal!
Is Your Staff Hurting or Helping?
  • Do your patients trust your staff more than they trust you? 
  • Does your staff have your back?
  • Why do you continue to pay the one staff member that causes 92% of the problems in your office?
Is Your Work and Home Life Balanced?
  • Is work your “happy” or “unhappy” place?
  • Is work always on your mind?
  • If yes, are they positive or negative thoughts?
  • Are you happy tired or just tired?
Dr. Michalski in Action!
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